Packing for Costa Rica

I am starting to pack for Costa Rica, but keeping light. I decided to leave my snorkel stuff at home, as there are only a couple spots where it is decent in Costa Rica. I think I can rent some stuff if need be. Right now the plan is to head to Monteverde (cloud forest) and figure out where we want to go from there. The central coast (Manuel Antonio & others) and Osa Peninsula are looking like the likely targets.

-Did they “cleanse” Bush’s military files of embarrassing or incriminating documents? A former senior officer of the Texas Guard seems to think so.
-Wow, the press actually questions the crappy whitehouse answers. That has not happened in a long time.
More money fun, the U.S. military may run out of money for three months beginning Oct. 1.
-Saddam the druggie?
-John Kerry & an intern? Doesn’t look good.

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