Apr 282004

A damning new report reveals that the Bush administration has quietly removed 25 reports from its Women’s Bureau Web site, deleting or distorting crucial information on issues from pay equity to reproductive healthcare.

More on Kerry, medals, and the GOP attack.

Nader, everyone wants you to quit.

Democrats have seized on the White House’s requirement that the two men talk to the 9/11 commission jointly (rather than separately) as evidence that Cheney is Bush’s ventriloquist, and that after three-plus years on the job, Bush is still not up to the task. The issue of Cheney’s role – shadow president or just a helpmate with unprecedented influence? – has reached almost metaphysical levels of speculation. CSM looks at Cheney.

More on the UN corruption with the oil for food program: Annan on defensive over fraud charges in UN Iraq oil scheme

Wow, interesting work: DNA ‘Computer’ Able to Detect Cancer

Greenspan thinks high oil prices here to stay. Ruh-roh to all you SUV owners.

Lastly, Interest Growing in ‘Security’ Blimps. Uhg.

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