May 182004

Just ordered my new backpack: Mountainsmith Retro Bugaboo, I almost bought it before, but it just went on sale with REI.

Its not a huge bag, but is very comfortable and is pretty much the exact dimensions of a slim carry on bag (I like to travel light and never check baggage). Would have rather had a black bag, but I think I will just cut off the labels to make it a bit less conspicuous.

While I have travel on the mind.. some good links: Art of Travel, and Travellite.

May 172004

Worked out my upper body yesterday and I am feeling it today.

The US couldn’t find them, unfortunately someone else has: Sarin artillery shell used in bomb

Cambridge has done the first legal gay marriages today.

The UN brings us Ten Stories the World Should Hear More About.

Conspiracy of the day: Nick Berg’s Killing: 50 Fishy Circumstances, Contradictory Claims, and Videotape Anomalies. Some strange information in there though.

May 162004

I finally got the blogger comments working. It is set to anon, so behave.

Even if you hate onions, they make you cry when you kill them. I’m making a batch of ‘mexican’ rice. Basically a bunch of rice, beans, and veggies with some heat to it. I’m pretty sure someone living in Guadalajara would laugh at me.

A new report accuses Donald Rumsfeld of approving a secret operation that encouraged “physical coercion and sexual humiliation” of Iraqi prisoners. Nice one, Don.

After 25 years of persistent work, Marin County rancher Albert Straus has figured out a way to run his dairy farm, organic creamery and electric car from the manure generated by his herd of 270 cows.

Your kids will be freaks! Sooty air pollution can cause genetic damage that can be passed along to offspring.

May 142004

I still haven’t figured the comment system, doesn’t seem to like my template or something.

I finally joined a gym. When I moved out of my old place (which had a tiny gym in the basement) I figured I would just keep active in other ways. Well, it didn’t work out that way. The gym is not huge, there are no crowds, and it has huge sliding windows to get a nice breeze. Perfect.

RIAA – even though actual point-of-purchase sales are up by about 9% in the US – and the industry sold over 13,000,000 more units in 2004 (1st quarter) than in 2003 (1st quarter) – the Industry is still claiming a loss of 7% because RIAA members shipped 7% fewer records than in 2003.

Rummy talks to the troops: “One soldier asked when they would receive improved vests and better armor for the Humvees. It’s those roadside bombs, he said. ‘We lost some soldiers due to them.’ Another asked whether it was true that the military would not pay their full air fare back home. Yet another wanted to know why his military medical coverage wouldn’t handle physical therapy for his handicapped child. When, if ever, would the United Nations send some troops and where would they come from? Would Defense Department employees who are civilians working with the military be permitted to carry guns, asked a civilian working with the military?”

Wolfowitz wants more money. “You come before this committee . . . having seriously undermined your credibility over a number of years now,” she said. “When it comes to making estimates or predictions about what will occur in Iraq, and what will be the costs in lives and money, . . . you have made numerous predictions, time and time again, that have turned out to be untrue and were based on faulty assumptions.” More here.

Brood X is comming. Dun dun daaah.

A team of American researchers announced Wednesday that they have identified an ancient impact crater buried off the northwest coast of Australia — a find that supports the theory that a giant meteor caused a mass extinction on Earth approximately 250 million years ago.

Not really news at this point, but Polygraphs Don’t Give True Story

May 132004

India just elected Sonia Gandhi in a surprise victory.

Neoconomy – It sounds like a recipe for the kind of social unrest that can make an economy stagger, stagnate, or worse. A political backlash would seem almost inevitable. And something worse – like a riotous manifestation of anticapitalist sentiment – would become a real possibility for the first time in decades. And that’s what could happen if the theory works.

May 132004

The rabbit hole goes pretty deep – Lawmakers Are Stunned By New Images of Abuse

More than a year after Saddam’s ouster, no proof of his ties to al-Qaida or September 11 has materialized. Some skeptics suggest that the avenging rhetoric and imagery instead may have fostered an atmosphere conducive to the maltreatment of Iraqis who had no connection to international terrorism.

Bush may have known earlier than the White House has acknowledged about complaints raised by the International Committee of the Red Cross and human rights groups regarding abuse of detainees in Iraq.

May 112004

How Does Fat Kill Thee? Many Ways. An interesting write-up on fat from Wired News.

I never really liked Chretien… but Martin is looking like a fool: Prime Minister Paul Martin says he believes Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and they’ve fallen into terrorists’ hands. Way to kiss some ass, Paul.

Bush administration has used 27 rationales for war in Iraq, study says.