May 202004

Sipping on some jasmine pearls Anna bought for me. They are quite nice.

Heading up to Big Sur tomorrow for a bit of camping overnight. Then it is up to the bay. We are going to hitch a ride on Mark’s (Anna’s brother) boat to see the fireworks in the SF bay. Should be fun.

Database Measured ‘Terrorism Quotient’ – authorities apparently acted on the list of 120,000 people. I am waiting for…

U.S. Soldiers Raid Chalabi’s Home in Iraq. Probably part of the oil for food scandal, but lets hope they had some good evidence, this won’t be looked at kindly.

The Bush administration violated two federal laws through part of its publicity campaign to promote the drug changes in Medicare.

Nice one: House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) lectured McCain (R-Ariz.) — an outspoken opponent of Bush’s tax cuts — over war sacrifices, drawing a blistering retort from McCain, who nearly died of war wounds in a North Vietnamese prison camp.

McSweeney’s daily reasons to dispatch Bush.

Flames will play for Stanley Cup, wow.

Top 10 Dirtiest Foods Will Make You Sick. Start public panic… now.

Researchers hail dyslexia breakthrough. Too easy to make up a funny headline for this.

Internet guide to freighter travel.

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