Happy news

I am engaged. Anna and I have been discussing it for ages, but we finally made it official Sat morning.

Busy busy. Starting to get ready for Burning Man. Bought a shelter, the dome last year was just too much work. I found that I just sat around during the day as well, it was too posh. I hope this will get my ass out more. Still haven’t found the tent poles.. hmm.

We went shopping at North Park Produce to stock up on desert food. I love that store. Bought about 15 cans of dolmas, stuffed eggplant, etc. Didn’t forget the coconut juice either.

Going to be buying a lot at the community garden later today, hope I can get a crop up before it gets too chilly.

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  1. Congratulations. I’ll send you Peru info soon. What’s this about a community garden? Could you send me some info? – oso

  2. Thanks, info on Peru would be great!

    They don’t have a web page, but there is a community garden right near golden hill park (on the park side of the A street alley, just west of 25th). It used to be up near 26th and A, but they have this new location leased from Balboa/San Diego. You can purchase a plot (4×15) for $30/year. I have the phone number at home, I can post it tonight if you would like.

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