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Stealing a nation – A new documentary by John Pilger, to be screened next Wednesday, reveals how in the 1960s Britain secretly and brutally expelled the inhabitants of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean – so that the US could build a military base there. Good times.

He is the conservative bastion of the US supreme court, a favourite of President Bush, and a hunting partner of the vice-president. He has argued vociferously against abortion rights, and in favour of anti-sodomy laws. He also thinks Americans ought to be having more orgies.

This was an interesting project. A guy handed out 32 disposable cameras to some kids in the Rocinha favela in Brazil. Some interesting photos, this one is just too funny.

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  1. There’s a project like that here in San Diego – it’s through MOPA and they give disposable and digital cameras to local kids and let them do their thing. I gotta find that website …


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