Still in Cuzco

We leave tomorrow for the Inca Trail. Still have a hard time getting enough air when doing the steep stairs around town, but figure I should be ok for the trail. I’m sure it takes longer than a few days to build up enough red blood cells to manage it with usual exertion. Makes you even more amazed at the Inka priests and soon-to-be-sacrifices that climbed up 7000m peaks in straw sandals.

We will be on the trail for 3 days, arriving early in the morning at the sun gate to Machu Picchu. I hope I can get a night ticket to MP, but it depends on the season. We overnight at a town a few miles a way, then head back up the next day. Then it is the train back to Cuzco.

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures, but none of the computers here seem to have image editing programs. That and usually only one of the computers has USB and a CDROM. I might get around to it, but no promises.

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