Dec 232004

(All photos for this entry are posted here)

Anna and I took the bus to Pisaq today. 2 soles. Hell of a deal, that’s around 60 cents. The bus ride back was quite the experience though. The bus for Cuzco pulls up, and people rush the thing to push their way on. We ended up catching the second bus, and standing the entire 45 min trip. At least I got an arm workout on the corners. It leaned a lot, and some big metal objects fell out of the engine on the way down the hill, but there were at least 9 jesus faces on the dash, so I figured we were ok.

Pisaq was a good trip. It is mostly known for the giant market around a giant tree, but there are some pretty large ruins on the hill above it. We hiked up and wandered around, there were some really nice views over the sacred valley.

The market was a mix of products for locals and products for touristos. I didn’t see too many pale faces buying the pig feet. I had to buy some fruit though, it looked too good. Four mandarins, a bunch of cherries, and four bananas for 3 soles. Hot damn.

Not quite sure just yet what we are doing for xmas. From what the locals tell us, they buy fruitcake, and eat it with milk and chocolate at midnight xmas eve. Even in SA you can’t escape fruitcake. Actually, I don’t mind the stuff. But I’m pretty sure I am in the minority. Everyone goes to church xmas day. We had planned to go see the ruins above Cuzco today, but it was raining, so maybe we will do that xmas day instead.

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