I finally got around to upgrading gallery. They added some stuff which freaked a bit on my config, but I eventually got it all going. They added RSS feeds, but I’m not sure how useful that will be. I usually only update in big batches anyway.

I’ve been trying to upload some videos from my camera of the christmas day celebrations in Cuzco. I managed to get one up, but the others are 10 and 15 MB, and I have been learning that while the php upload_max_filesize is set to 20 MB, the post_max_size is only 8 MB. So I can’t upload them until 1&1 increases this for me. Will they? Probably not. But I can’t bad mouth 3 years of free service, can I?

I tried using Windows Movie Maker to edit the file sizes down a bit, but it is crap. Everything it re-encodes looks like crap. Considering that I am only dealing with camera movie files, I can’t imagine anyone using it to work with their home videos. I suspect I have to export it to a raw file, work with that, then re-encode and deal with the loss of quality.

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