Jan 132005

Ah hah! Finally managed to get the Cuzco Xmas vids published. I had to upload them to an empty, accessible directory, then set Gallery loose on them via URL add photos method. I assume this doesn’t use the php max_post_size value, because it is a pull rather than a push to the server.

The 3 vids are not super high quality, and I’m a bit shaky on them. They were taken from this camera, so no complaints. The sounds add a lot to the atmosphere that I felt was missing from the pictures. Though it is always tough to tell if the video is actually translating a small part of that experience, or just triggering my own memories.

  2 Responses to “Xmas in Cuzco, Peru”

  1. Those movies are cool. Totally reminded me of my time in Cuzco. Do they ever stop with the marching bands? I thought it was just in June.

    It’s weird that avi files don’t stream with the quicktime plugin like mp3 files do.

  2. Any special events I guess. We saw a funeral with its own band, so it seems to be for everything.

    Yeah, the AVI thing is a pain in the ass.

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