Feb 072005

Chicago’s new Millennium Park has a giant reflective bean-like sculpture. It reflects the city skyline and people around the structure. What would I love to do? Take photos of it. Apparently, that might be an issue. You see, some dumbass decided that the city-paid artist should retain the copyright to the bean in the park. This means you pay for a permit to photograph public art in a city-owned park. Unbelievable.

The SD housing market is still freaking people out: An unusually large number of home sales to non-occupant buyers last year has some economists leaning forward and moving to the edge of their seats.

  2 Responses to “Copyridiculous”

  1. That’s crazy. I had never even heard of “the bean” until reading this post by Raul.

  2. Anna is going there on biz at the end of the month, so I get a couple days of free hotel in downtown Chicago. Sweet!

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