Feb 232005

Anna, Pete, Paul, and I splurged and went to Brockton Villa for breakfast on Sunday. Coast toast is damned good (imagine French toast souffle). It was funny, I had never seen the cliffs of the cove look so brown. All of the guano has been washed off. Of course with La Jolla drainage, that meant there were some street rivers and some mud slides.

I get to miss a bit of the rain, though Monday is supposed to be an even bigger storm. I will be coming back that night from Chicago. Anna has biz out there, so I am going out for the weekend. It will be my first time in the windy city, (4th in the airport) and I am excited to check it out.

I just donated some moolah to the guy that runs Sabadabada. He has been hosting his record collection of 60’s Brazilian jazz/pop. I love the stuff and can’t get enough of it.

I am so tempted to get a Dell 20″ LCD screen. They are $506 after rebates. Of course, that means buying a new vid card and other crap, so I think I will hold off until their new 24″ LCD goes on super sale.

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