Mar 092005

Busy busy. Intoxicated with the smell of rosemary and pink jasmine, we purchased a crap load of plants this weekend. Some were gifts, the rest are going in the garden and the back porch. I stumbled my way around the side of the roof to chop the trees back, now we have a bit of a view of downtown from our back porch, so I’d like to pretty it up.

I couldn’t help myself, I bought a dwarf satsuma (tangerine). I don’t know if I can ever get it to fruit, but there are a few satsuma’s in the neighborhood, so I hope I can get some cross fertilization action. I would love to plant an avocado tree in the back yard, but have to figure out how to drag 16 or 24 gal through the back gate.

Wandering around the neighborhood I snapped some photos of the greenery:

While not as fun as the Grey Album mix, CCC’s Revolved seems like an entertaining mashup for Beatles fans. Torrent file here.

Update: After giving it a full couple of listens, there are a couple tracks that sort of fall down, but also some gems in there. Who doesn’t like Bond theme music with the Beatles? Crazy people.

  2 Responses to “Home Despot”

  1. I actually like Revolved more than The Grey Album. Pretty flowers – you guys still growing at the community garden?

  2. Yup, still growing. We ripped a bunch of it out; it was going to seed. Now we just need some sun to get it growing again, it has had enough rain.

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