A shift in perspective.

I finally got around to exploring the site that had the moss graffiti information, storiesfromspace.co.uk. It is a really fascinating bit of work. The Ideas Factory contains some projects to have people reinterpret their surroundings. The Secret Worlds and Nature Reserve projects also force a shift in perspective. But they do it in a very magical, almost child-like way. I really enjoyed her work.

Along the same lines, I followed the link from Boing Boing to the twisted films of PES. Great stop-motion work. The KaBoom! short is fantastic.

I’ve been following the smart car’s move into the US and Canada with some curiosity. I like the concept, and think it is they way we should be moving – a small, light car for the majority of your use (single or double commuting) rather than the “wow look at the cargo room” extreme most of this market leans towards. However this Wired article seems to have some pretty bad news for the cars after import. It is rated to 60mpg in EU, but after being modified by G&K Automotive Conversions to meet the tougher U.S. emissions standards, the car received an initial Environmental Protection Agency rating of just 37 mpg. They are wanting a retest (obviously) since they think they should be up around 50. Still, it doesn’t look good when compared to the hybrid civic (45mpg), prius (60mpg), or insight (70mpg)

How about getting better mileage on your same car when you switch tires? Apparently you can get up to a 6% increase in fuel efficiency just by buying tires that have low rolling resistance. Makes sense, wonder why this isn’t a major selling point?

I listened to this in the car coming back from my eye appointment: Bus Showdown: New York vs. Los Angeles. LA has managed to speed up some buses by making them express (fewer stops) and giving them more time to catch lights. This has made trips up to 30% quicker for some routes. About time. I think there is a lot more we can learn from Curitiba, Brazil.

Ah yes, more bad stuff in crap we use every day: Chemicals in Food Containers Linked to Prostate Problems in Developing Mice

Lastly, some good news for Stephen Colbert – he is getting his own show. He will have a half hour spot after The Daily Show to do interviews and whatnot. The guy is hilarious, I hope it works out.

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