SLO, Paypal, and cow dung.

Anna and I are taking a long weekend and going to head up the coast in a convertible to SLO. The coast is fun by itself, but we will also be going to check out the Pasa Robles Wine Fest. We went in 2003 and enjoyed it a lot.

PayPal is pushing further into the banking/credit arena. The potential was there years ago, I wonder why they are just starting this now? I’m all about big bank competition, but PP will have to get a lot better at customer service for me to trust them further than simple transactions.

Showing the US how it is done – Brazil pushing ethanol and biodiesel

Interesting stuff: Qatar is using cobalt to turn natural gas into a powerful, clean-burning diesel fuel. While this is going to be great as an additive, I don’t think it is going to be a full replacement for fuels. Last time I checked we didn’t have a lot of extra natural gas to cover that.

Would you believe me without a link? A handful of clay, yesterday?s coffee grounds and some cow manure: the ingredients that could bring clean, safe drinking water to much of the third world.

Banksy strikes again, this time on his side of the pond: The British Museum gains “Early Man Goes to Market

And in Banksy style, the secret wall. Synopsis – Rent a hotel room. Remove art or mirror. Slap down some art. Replace art or mirror.

This is an interesting photo project from the La Guardia and Wagner Archives: Public Housing – New York Transformed 1939-1967. It is amazing to go through the photos of old neighborhoods and buildings.

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  1. Have a fantastic time.

    Both biodiesel and cobalt fuel depend on diesel engines right? Does that mean unleaded engines from the 70’s on won’t be compatible?

  2. Yes, biodiesel and the cobalt fuel both run on diesel engines. Some without any extra work, others you need to clean up a bit to make it work.

    I’ve never heard of unleaded diesel, so I dunno anything about that.

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