New Music

>New CDs
Coldplay\X&Y – Seems decent enough, but to my ear they are still following their pop pattern. While it is worth listening to, it is nothing new.

Foo Fighters\In Your Honor – This is a curious 2 cd release. The first cd has the standard catchy Foo Fighters fare, the second some slower songs. I haven’t quite made my mind up on this one yet. Which means it will probably grow on me.

Gorillaz\Demon Days – Lots of fingers in the pie on this CD, but it turns out good anyway. The sound on this cd is a bit more “bright” (in tone) than the others. I enjoyed the deeper, laid back tone of their previous cds, so this one will need a bit more time to grow on me. But I am just giving it a hard time, the cd is enjoyable and I really love some of the tunes. “Fire coming out of a monkey’s head” is fantastic – sort of a messed up version of The Point with the dialogue done by Dennis Hopper. If you are a fan, BBC has a pseudo documentary on this album.

Black Eyed Peas\Monkey Business – More of the same (rap + funk), but that’s not a bad thing.

>Music you can download
Sabadabada has a few new cds up. He has a fantastic collection classic Bossa, Balanco, Samba from the 60’s that he rips from LP and slaps up on the net. Well worth a donation, I enjoy the music.

If you need some 78 RPM” jukebox action (1910-1930’s), check out Turtle’s great recordings. It is interesting to see the work involved in doing this.

Mashups/Bastard tracks:
ccc (of Revolved fame) has some newer tracks and a radio session posted
DJ BC – some of the earlier stuff is messy, but most of his stuff is pretty decent.
Kelptones have three albums available, they are pretty good stuff. The torrents take a bit to pick up though.
I enjoy most of MCSleazy’s music. The gwen stefani track is great.

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