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The photos are older (2002), but the subject is quite fascinating – Jason Levine explores the high line. I had never heard of the high line, but I don’t live in NYC. The high line is an elevated set of tracks that span 22 blocks, from 34th Street to Gansevoort Street. Having long been abandoned by trains, there is 6.7 acres of raised space in NYC that was just sitting there, overgrown. It has been threatened with demolition since the 80’s, but now it looks like they will be converting it to public open space. This could be really cool for New York.

Underground Ozarks visits an abandoned Nike missile site near Pleasant Hill, Missouri. This is a really great read, its amazing some of the stuff is still working. Long live UE!

Photos of digital camera dealers in Brooklyn. A lot of these are bigger names, and if you have ever done a pricegrabber search on a camera, you will recognize them. It is surprising how small and dank some of them are.

Selected Civil War Photographs Collection – A great collection of photos and text from a time when photos weren’t so easy.
Images of the American Civil War – Some more photos of the Civil War
American Civil War submarine found near Panama – A unique boat from 1864 may have inspired Jules Verne to create Captain Nemo’s vessel
Is this Blackbeard’s pirate ship?
The mega list: UNESCO’s World Heritage List sorted by country. It is interesting to browse through them all. Surprisingly, I’ve actually been to a few of them.

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