Tower After Hours

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Last week Anna and I checked out Tower After Hours at Balboa Park’s Museum of Man. The event focuses on the art, food, drinks, culture, music, and dancing of a particular country. This edition was focused on Puerto Rico, and was put on by the Puerto Rico house. The music and dancing performances alone were worth the $20 admission. You can really see the African and Latin roots of the country through the dance – Full bodied, stylish, enthusiastic, and rhythmic.

We both enjoyed Tower After Hours, and would return. However, the Museum of Man receives failing marks on two things. One is the food. The food was excellent, but they ran out of it 15 minutes into the event. Many people ended up only eating rice and bean dregs. I assume this was poor planning, perhaps this particular event was a bigger crowd than usual. The second was recycling. The event included drinks, but nowhere to recycle. Which means that something like 200 recyclables ended up in the trash. This is something that could be easily fixed, and I hope they make the change.

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