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I learned here that Ninjalicious, the guy behind infiltration.org, has released a book: Access All Areas – A User’s Guide to the Art of Urban Exploration. However, I also learned this bit of sad news:

Access All Areas is a fitting — and final — testament to his passion. Having been diagnosed with cancer last year, Jeff spent much of his time finishing and publishing this book. He died about a month after seeing it in print and debuting advance copies at the annual gathering of urban explorers in Montreal.

You can hear Ninjalicious in these round-table discussions on Canada’s Urban Exploration Radio Station Infiltration.org will still keep going strong, and there are other urban decay and exploration folks out there doing great work.

Urban Exploration Resource (uer.ca) has some great information, forums, and a location database. I have always wondered why there so many Canadian urban explorers. Less people to stop you, or perhaps the boom bust cycle of a trade dependent nation creates more places to explore.

Opacity.us – Has some great photos of urban ruins, and even boat graveyards

Urban-Resources.net has a lot of information on urban architecture and exploration from around the world. Closely related to Urban-Resources.net, Zone-Tour is a database of urban exploration sites. It also has movies from a few locations.

Standing But Not Operating – pictures and history about amusement parks that are standing but not operating

You can see links to other sites by using the ‘Exploration’ category on my blog.

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