Dec 052005

Random music reviews and links:

Me and This Army from Panzah Zandahz, a Radiohead mashup. Decent mix, but I’m suffering from a bit of Radiohead burnout at the moment. Maybe it is a case of Cold(over)play-by-proxy.

The always fantastic Sabadabada has been updated with some new records. Head there now for 100% of your daily recommended intake of 60’s Brazilian Bossa Nova, Balanço & Samba.

Brazilian Girls: Brazilian Girls. Every once and a while, Amazon does right by me for suggestions. This is one of those times. If you like Thievery Corporation, the Verve Remixed series, or any Bossa/Samba mixes, you will probably like these guys.

Q-unit – Greatest Hits. 50 cent & Queen mashup by The Silence Xperiment. They did a good mix on this mix, all of it fits together very well, rare for a full album mix. I like it, but I’m not that hot on the whole thing, since I’m not a big 50 cent fan. His lyrics are the standard retarded gangbanger shit, and his droning tone sounds like he is wacked out on v1cod1n.

Danger Doom: The Mouse and the Mask. Dangermouse and MF Doom got together to make a hiphop CD for the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Sounds like a horrible idea, right? Wrong. The cd is awesome. Upbeat and whimsical, the album succeeds on all fronts. Buy this now!

Blackalicious: The Craft. Their last album, Blazing Arrow, had just the right mix of funk and hiphop. This album moves a bit away from the funk, but still has great beats and intelligent lyrics.

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  1. Thanks for the links. I had never known about Sabadabada – what a find. I’m sure you know about Amazon’s free music page.

  2. came from S.D., lived in LA, now in OR. Were you from?

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