Jan 122006

About damned time: Mayor Jerry Sanders on Wednesday asked all City Council-appointed trustees of the city’s troubled pension system to step down. They were put there by crooks, and are still running things. I’ve got give credit to Sanders, I didn’t think he had the cajones to team up with Aguirre.

What the hell are people smoking? The Chargers wanted San Diego give them a bunch of land. They would then take the land and turn it into 6,000 condos. Then the planned to sell those at a huge profit and make enough to build a new stadium. This is completely retarded on so many levels. First off, why the hell do they need a new stadium? I’ve been to the existing one, its fine. Is even on the trolley line. Second, people think there is money in building condos? Take a drive downtown. Almost everything south of market is, or is becoming, a giant condo project. There is plenty more in the rest of town. A hell of a lot of them are empty.� Third, why the hell are we giving away land? If the city is going to sell it, it should be using that to pay down its massive debt.

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