Feb 062006

Last year there was some debate over the possibility of two-tier internet, as a number of different ISPs wanted to charge sites for performance. This was more than a foolish money grab. It was the first shot in an attack on the very neutrality that has made the internet so successful.

Fast forward to today. BellSouth is still being dumb, and some others have decided it was about time they started as well. AOL and Yahoo will start to charge businesses for guaranteed email delivery.

“Companies will have to pay between one-quarter of a cent to a penny for each commercial message they want to send to AOL and Yahoo Mail users. Otherwise, they risk having their emails blocked entirely, delivered late, sent to users� spam or bulk message folders, or not have the graphics or links in their messages appear.”

This will all end badly. I just hope people vote with their wallets.

Verizon jumps on the retard bandwagon.
Bells dig in to dominate high-speed Internet realm

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