Apr 282006

As this post shows up, Anna and I will be sitting on a train, headed to LAX. After we arrive and get settled, we will spend 18 hours smashed together in a plane, plus some downtime between flights (LAX->Taipei->Bangkok->Siem Reap). I can’t say I’m looking forward to that part of this vacation.

Here is our rough itinerary for the next two weeks:

Siem Reap, Cambodia from Sunday 30th at 4 PM – Thursday May 4th at 5 PM (Weather forecast) Most of the focus of this stage of the trip will be on Angkor, a massive city/temple complex near the town of Siem Reap. I’m expecting we will eventually get over-templed and explore the rest of the town & nearby countryside.

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam from Thursday May 4th at 6 PM – Tuesday May 9th at 9 AM (Weather forecast) We will probably spend most of our time exploring the city, wandering around places like Cholon (Chinatown). I expect we will try to do at least a day trip to the Mekong Delta and maybe Vang Tau (beaches) if we have time.

Hanoi, Vietnam from Tuesday May 9th at noon – Sat May 13 at noon. (Weather forecast) Hanoi should be an interesting city to explore, I’m looking forward to it. We are planning to spend some time in Halong Bay, but aren’t quite sure how we want to do it – kayak vs. junk, number of days, etc.

I am getting giddy.

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