Jul 302006

I’m a fan of autostitch, and use it quite a lot to make panoramic shots. Microsoft Labs has hit on a great idea that takes this to a new level: Photosynth. Of course, the name tells you nothing. The product sorts through a bunch of photos, and figures out their relationships with each other. It then takes all these photos and places them in a 3d world, trying to replicate the exact way they were taken. This is sort of backwards from the GPS & direction EXIF information that will be coming with cameras in a few years, but it is still very cool. When it is done, you can fly through the 3d world of photos, enlarging some, or taking a virtual tour.


I want.

PS – Sony just put out a GPS tracker. It logs where you were and the time, then you can sync that up with your photos after the fact.

  3 Responses to “Photosynth”

  1. Sounds really cool. If the virtual space was ‘playable’ with a linear timeline, I imagine you could watch a public space change over time, seeing each new image build on the last…

    (and I could add my photo of that same scene in the Photosynth demo! http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathangibbs/193772886/)

  2. Yeah, that’s way sweet. Microsoft doesn’t look so boring anymore.

  3. Youre right, a timeline aspect would be really cool.

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