La Jolla snorkel photos

bat ray lobster
2006.07.29 Snorkeling La Jolla Shores

garabaldi garabaldi
2006.08.12 Snorkeling La Jolla Cove

I’m still getting the hang of my F810 & housing for photos. I’m not completely satisfied, but have really appreciated RAW on the camera. It takes the camera out of commission for a few seconds while it is writing the file, but I can usually salvage any photos where the camera incorrectly metered the subject. The camera seems to be prone to overexposing, but it seems relatively random, otherwise I would just dial in an underexposure. It seems to produce much better metering when set to full auto or Program, than when set to aperture priority. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled with my DSLR, and the shutter range on the F810 is just not big enough to be set on a higher aperture all the time.

Of course it would seem the idea solution would be to get a marine case for my Rebel XT, but somehow I doubt I’m gonna be blowing 1k on an Ikelite housing anytime soon. Haha. Of course, if I was really balls-out I’d look into getting the UAXP case – which is still 300 bucks. Ultimately I think snorkeling with a SLR (dragging it around) is not going to be much fun. Not to mention trying to peer though the viewfinder with a mask on. Me thinks I’ll just be happy with what I’ve got.

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