Links ahoy

First up, some interesting newsy links:
Blood Oil – This is a really great story on a very bad situation, highly recommended. “Could a bunch of Nigerian militants in speedboats bring about a U.S. recession? Blowing up facilities and taking hostages, they are wreaking havoc on the oil production of America’s fifth-largest supplier. Deep in the Niger-delta swamps, the author meets the nightmarish result of four decades of corruption.”

Passport applicants find they’re not CanadianMany applying for a Canadian passport have been informed their chance to remain a citizen expired years ago because of an obscure provision in the Citizenship Act, a little-known law that applied between 1947 and 1977.

Now for some photography links:
How Do You Photograph the Amish? Let Us Count the Ways – CJR Daily has a long look at the ethics and methods of photographing people that don’t want to be photographed.

Microsoft Photo Info – Microsoft has released a decent little tool for editing photo metadata.

Photos galleries I’ve recently enjoyed:
Collection of historic Japanese photos
Collection of historic photos from the Library of Congress
Maunsell Army Sea Forts
Chernobyl photos & book
Urban exploration photos in NYC
Urban exploration & photos in the 1906 hydro tunnels behind Niagara Falls

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