Aug 282007

When I first moved near down town, I had no access to recycling. This was a pain in the ass, as I would always end up dragging it to someone else’s bin, or to a center somewhere. But most people in the building would just trash it all, because they had no blue box options in the building. It was disheartening to see entire dumpsters filled with glass, plastic, and paper.

But it sounds like that will change in the future. Voice of San Diego has a story about Jerry Sanders getting on board with mandatory recycling:

The mayor, who had previously rejected calls for expanding the city’s lagging recycling policy, has reversed course and proposed a law that would require city residents to recycle their cans, newspapers and glass bottles.

His proposal would also make recycling available to thousands of apartment, condo and office dwellers who lack it. Blue bins would be phased in, with the largest apartments (more than 100 units) and office buildings (more than 20,000 square feet) required to provide recycling by January 2008.

Any special event requiring a city permit would be required to provide recycling bins.

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