Jan 252008

squid squid squid
Photos of squid at La Jolla

We headed into the water at sunset and swam out to the canyon. Dead squid were scattered about the edge of the canyon like confetti after a parade. I was worried we had missed the party. It was not quite dark yet when we saw a few live ones, which promptly squirted ink and ran away when we got close. We were buzzed by a group of sea lions a few times before it finally got dark. We started to see groups of squid milling about and coupling. We saw a few more, then a couple big groups. They were busy coupling, scooting around, and dancing in our lights.

This time they didn’t seem to care that we were near them, in fact, they would swim right up to your mask and light. A few actually seemed to be offering to place their egg sacks on me, or maybe they were just lost. Either way, I assured them I wouldn’t raise their squidlings right, and shooed them away. We spent about 30 minutes at depth before swimming back in. This was a great dive. Even without the squid, there was lots of life out on the sand as well.

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