Balboa Theatre

Last night a generous coworker gave us tickets to the opening night preview of Spring Awakening at the newly renovated Balboa Theatre. The theatre has been in a state of neglect for a very long time and somehow survived being turned into parking lot and/or condos during downtown San Diego’s many changes. Thankfully some people have put a lot of time (Steve Karo) and money (Balboa Theatre Foundation) into restoring the theatre. They have done an amazing job; it looks fantastic now. Many of the design elements have been fully restored, like the great old neon sign out front and the interior of the main hall. Do yourself a favor and check out this wonderful venue.

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  1. It had been pretty much closed since the 80’s. Then it seemed like a project that was going to be stuck in limbo. In fact, Anna and I had no idea the Balboa was even open until we got the tickets.

    It was very cool to see it open. Formerly a sketchy corner – now glowing and spilling over with people in thier best.

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