New camera options

There seems to be some new photography options around the corner. Two in particular have me interested:

Micro Four Thirds
The 4/3m format uses SLR sized sensors, but no mirror, much like the Sigma DP1. Unlike the DP1, these will have a lens mount to allow for swapping different lenses. This will be a very interesting market if someone does it right – no RAW file write delay, decent focus performance, decent ISO performance.

Reshaping the Digital SLR
Though some SLRs have had live view for a while, Nikon has shaken things up by giving the D90 the ability to record HD video (720p). This combined with their new high sensitivity & ISO speeds makes the camera a very sweet package. I suspect this will really change the amateur underwater photography game – HD cameras and housings are very expensive, and most people have to make a choice in gear between shooting video or stills. The ability to shoot video with any lens – wide angle, macro, etc – and great variable focus & depth of field will be huge in the UW market. People are going to have to brush up on their manual focus skills.

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  1. Yup, Nikon has a hit on their hands. Makes you wonder if they will be able to keep up – they had a tough time keeping up with 18-200 VR demand for a while.

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