Diving Islas Coronados with the sea lions

diving islas coronados diving islas coronados diving islas coronados
Photos of diving Islas Coronados with the sea lions

Adam and I headed out with Waterhorse to visit the Coronado Islands just off Tijuana’s coast. The ride back was a bit rough, but overall it was a really nice day. The first dive was at the usual Lobster Shack. The site is popular because it is usually calm in the small bay and you can be visited by the sea lions in the winter and fall. Adam and I were joking with the captain about doing over an hour in the water, but it turned out to be close to reality. The boat pulled its anchor during the dive and I ended up spending 76 minutes under water with the sea lions. Score!

There were about 12 sea lions in total at the site on Sunday, most of them young. We had a lot of fun being visited by them all over the dive site, and then later hanging out in the shallows with them. The younger sea lions liked picking up small rocks to chew on and blew bubbles with the divers. A few were curious about fins, but none tried chewing on us.

The next dive was near middle grounds at a spot they called little rock. It turned out to be mostly mussel shells and lots of purple sea urchins. There was a swim through in about 20 feet of water, but the surge was so huge that we were hanging on for dear life in some parts of the point. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like being thrown around rocks covered in urchins.

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