Exploring Seoul

I’ve been in Seoul for three days. Kerey has been a great guide so far, I feel like we have explored a good chunk of the city. First impressions of Seoul – Parts are much like the rest of Asia, quick buildings and street markets. Some parts feel quite western with malls and the same chain stores. Others feel modern but distintly Asian. The city and traffic can be a bit opressive, but gardens, palaces, and hiking are a quick subway ride away.

The food here has been very good and fairly cheap. Most seems to be pretty heathly as well. I’ve been drinking more tea than water, the vending machines here are making a fortune off Colan and I.

The timing of our visit has been good, Buddha’s birthday and the Hi Seoul festival have made for some great exploring and people watching. Being a minority in a lot of places you are usually people watched right back. Occasionally people with talk with you to practice their english (and finish their homework) or sneak a photo, but most of the time you just catch a lot of people checking you out.

We head out to the east today, I’m excitied to see what Korea is like outside the big cities.

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  1. Beautiful photo. What is this place? And why are you eating out of vending machines? Happy birthday Buddha.

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