Danyang, Korea

Danyang Danyang Danyang
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May 4th, 2009 – Bora and Kerey took us on a day trip to Danyang, in Chungcheongbuk-do. The trip consisted of a 3 hour train ride to the South East, and then a taxi and boat tour once we arrived. We first walked through Gosu cave. If you happen to be claustrophobic or obese, this is one stop you want to avoid. You end up being packed in tight tunnels with a lot of other people. The cave itself is interesting, lots of climbing and formations.

After the cave it was time for a quick Namhan river cruise. Danyang is know for its 8 wonders, mostly rock formations. We went by two of the 8 wonders during the boat ride, but I honestly had no idea until I researched more about the area later on. The boat ride was nice, other than stranding myself. Hahah. We docked and an announcement was made in english that the boat was at the dock for ten minutes, and then was returning back. I went to get a drink on board the ferry, but the shop was closed. Figuring I had at least 9 minutes left, I exited the ship and bought some drinks from a vendor. As I was getting my change I heard Kerey yelling from the ship. I turned to see out the shop window that the boat was leaving, not 10 feet away, and certainly not 10 minutes after the announcement. The ship was already too far to jump, but still close enough to talk. I asked one of the crew members if there was another way back and he replied there would be another boat in an hour. No worries, just a hassle.

Our cab driver/tour guide wasn’t too happy about the delay. He came barreling down the stairs from the top deck, yelling at the boat staff along the way. I couldn’t help but laugh, everyone was yelling except me at this point. Apparently he knew someone as the boat was now deciding to dock again. It bounced off the landing and I hopped on. Thankfully everyone seemed to keep in fairly good spirits about whitey missing the boat and referred to me as “troublemaker” for the rest of the ride.

After the boat ride we headed over to another of the 8 wonders, Sain-am, a wedge shaped rock and temple along the river. Our final stop we saw two more wonders, Dodam Sambong – three islands in the river, and Seongmun, a stone bridge formation. Tour complete we were dropped off at the train station where we got liquored up with a bowl of dongdongju (a sweet unfiltered rice wine) for the train ride home. Not a bad day.

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