Jan 072010

– Stray fluffy cats bounding through the snow in park surounding the Temple of Heaven

– A “Star-Rated Toilet”

– The giant bag of mandarin oranges I was given for my 10 yuan bill (about $1.40).

– Realizing that google maps business locations on maps are really more of a it-might-be-on-this-block suggestion. The actual location might be half a block down and on the opposite side of the street.

– Chinglish signs.

  3 Responses to “Entertaining moments”

  1. Yes, I do have brain disease but I will not likely be ascending the Great Wall!

  2. Do 3 Stars me you get a bigger hole or an actual flush model?

  3. Mom wants to know what time you’ll be home Sunday and we can pick you up–you could phone from the airport.
    It’s 73 F here today.

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