Uptown San Diego trolley

SD Urban linked over to a story at SD Uptown News about the “Restoring the Magic” trolley project concept.  It seems like a great idea – bring back the old school trolley cars, run them downtown for a while and push the route up north to connect along some of the old San Diego Electric Railway lines. It is mind blowing that the zoo isn’t connected to the trolley, let alone Balboa Park or the beach. For a tourist city, we sure do make it hard for tourists to get around.

Anyone who has ever visited Trolley Barn Park in Normal Heights has probably thought about what the city would look like if the old street car lines still existed.  It is a shame that the move to buses and the Great American streetcar scandal killed all the infrastructure and investment in those old lines. Getting that infrastructure back will have a large cost, but seems worth it to me.

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