Review of alloyphoto’s Lightroom Gallery 3 Export Plug-in

I’ve been using Gallery (aka Menalto) for almost a decade, starting with Gallery1, now up to Gallery3 in the current release. In the early days the work-flow for adding and providing meta data about photos wasn’t so easy. That got better with Gallery Remote, which I used for many years. However, the Gallery Remote workflow …

Gallery2 to Gallery3 – rewriting .jpg.html in URLs

I had a rough time trying to get my gallery2 install imported and moved to the gallery3 platform. The g2 import process stalled out a lot and crashed & burned hard when faced with different folder names for the redirects (/gallery became /photos). After a lot of fighting with the g2import module & htaccess, I disabled the g2import module and pursued a strictly .htacccess solution for redirecting visitors from the old gallery2 URL to the new gallery3 URL.