Nov 272010

bruges bruges
2010.10 Photos of Bruges, Belgium

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of Brugge/Bruges/Bruge. It looked like a gorgeous little town, but very heavily touristed. I have a low tolerance for wandering through gawking crowds – Disneyland is torture for me – so I was worried I would quickly grow to hate the tiny town choked full of tour groups.

Thankfully, I was completely wrong. Though offset by the low season and rain, there were still plenty of tourists in town. But the charming streets and canals seemed to swallow up the crowds with ease. If the crowds get too thick, duck in for a fantastic beer in a hidden bar or window shop chocolate. This is my kind of place.

Nov 252010

paris paris paris paris
2010.10 Photos of Paris, France

Like any large city, Paris changes a bit with every visit. The bicycle is back, mostly in the form of VĂ©lib’. Wifi in the parks is pretty cool (though frustrating to try to use with an iPhone) and though your batting average for a good cafe is never in jeopardy, yelp and other services give you a pretty good idea if you will like the menu before you even arrive.

But the things Paris is famous for haven’t really changed – the food and sights are still the main draw in the worlds most visited city. We focused less on particular goals for our 6 days, and were much better for it. The boulevards are gorgeous to stroll, the farmers & street markets are perfect to pickup a meal, and one can do much worse than simply sitting in a park to enjoy the sun.