May 242004

All done with the mini-vacation. The drive up the coast (San Diego to San Fran) in the convertible was quite nice, really could not have asked for better weather. As usual, the view on the coast highway was spectacular. One thing I really enjoyed was the olfactory experience of the convertible. Driving through you could smell people cooking breakfast, eucalyptus trees, sage, redwoods and cedars, the ocean, etc. Driving in a convertible is an experience, rather than just travel.

Mark was a gracious host and the trip out to the SF bay was great. It was an impressive fireworks show (kaboom), and well worth the trip.

Update: Photos of the trip are here.

President Bush has installed more than 100 top officials who were once lobbyists, attorneys or spokespeople for the industries they oversee.

Videotape shows revelers at celebration – Survivors of May 19 airstrike cast doubt on U.S. account

Alan Greenspan, the social butterfly.

Following his retirement from the Marine Corps, the Bush administration thought so highly of Zinni that it appointed him to one of its highest diplomatic posts — special envoy to the Middle East. But Zinni broke ranks with the administration over the war in Iraq

2k pages missing from prisoner abuse report sent to the senate from the pentagon.

Ahmad Chalabi may go down as one of the great con men of history. But his powerful American friends are on the defensive now, and Chalabi himself is under attack. How could it be that the men who run the most powerful military in the world could not know that their own troops were about to run a raid on a man once regarded as the hope of free Iraq?

Organic Food: Outcry Over Rule Changes that Allow More Pesticides, Hormones

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