History and UE

Human footprints discovered beside an ancient Mexican lake have been dated to 40,000 years ago. Hopefully this will finally make people take a closer look at the Clovis and pre-Clovis viewpoints. Oh, we finally are getting some results on the Kennewick Man after a long legal battle.

Newton’s alchemy manuscript rediscovered in the vaults of the Royal Society.

Stack Rock Fort, about 800 yards off the west Wales coast near Milford Haven, is for sale for £150,000. The 19th Century fort – complete with a couple of cannons – dates back from the time of Napoleon, when it was initially built as a defence for the river Haven. But it has nowhere to sleep at present, and the new owner will have to sort out sewage, water and power.

Underground Ozarks takes a look at D. M. Oberman Manufacturing Company, an abandoned building in Springfield. They also got a tour of Lipscomb Feed Mill, former home of Houn’ Dawg dog food. The mill reminds me of old grain elevators in Alberta.

Another Minsk is a site featuring photos of urban exploration and decay of Minsk in Belarus. Good stuff, just run it through babelfish for the RU to EN translation. Gotta love technology.

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